Everyone is a designer. But everyone doesn't have the right tools to be good at it.

“Businesspeople don’t just need to understand designers better; they need to become designers. […] The world is so full of ambiguity and uncertainty that the design attitude of exploring and prototyping multiple possibilities is most likely to lead to a powerful new business model.” — Alexander Osterwalder, Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers

Editor’s Note

Winter is here. 2019 is coming. Everything sounds fine in this festive and convivial period.

Thus we continue the journey towards sharing our message. A message that we hope can bring closer people from different backgrounds and professions. We love when knowledge, ideas, and point of views collide together. But to give birth to something that will be used, be useful, and –why not– create true innovation, you need an approach that everyone can apprehend and that can guarantee, at least, that you focus on what matters.

We call it Human-Centered Thinking. It’s nothing new, nothing we invented. Yet, it brings a holistic approach to what we all do, exempt from any particular beliefs. It’s just a tool, and you don’t have to change your job title to use it. It can be combined with many other tools to answer more strategic or tactical purposes, without altering the promise.

That’s what we think is the real strength of this approach.

Thank you for reading!  🙌

We believe that Business, Design, and Technology should all join forces to do what matters the most: answering people’s pains. This is where innovation lies!

Thanks for helping us share this message of hope and for supporting us!