My name is Kevin Richard, Senior Designer & Strategist living in Switzerland🇨🇭and currently working in the Fintech/Regtech industry.

Kevin’s “Design For Change” Approach
A non-linear, systemic, and adaptive approach to design in a complex reality.

I'm also editor and principal author of Design & Critical Thinking and Human Centered Thinking, two publications about Design, User Experience, Innovation, and their relationship to the world. We discuss various subject, such as design, user experience, business, technology, social sciences, systems thinking, philosophy, and ethics.

Design & Critical Thinking is now an international online community at the intersection of disciplines.

Design & Critical Thinking Podcast

Through this platform and my work, I aim to empower people by helping them to sharpen-up their human-centered and critical thinking by understanding the humans we're living with, their contexts, and to better address their challenges.

👉 From a Design perspective, this means that Business, Design, and Technology should all join forces to do what matters the most: answering people’s needs, pains, gains, in respect with their contexts.

👉 From a Human perspective, this means being aware of our cognitive bias, train ourselves to detect fallacious speeches.

👉 From a Systems perspective, this means understanding the interrelationship between the challenges we are facing, the people, and the various systems in which we evolve.

Design & Critical Thinking
Design & Critical Thinking aim to empower people by helping them to sharpen-up their human-centered and critical thinking by understanding the humans we’re l...
Design & Critical Thinking YouTube Channel

About the Publication: What is it Design & Critical Thinking?

The Design & Critical Thinking is the joined effort of the Human-Centered Thinking Switzerland and Brain Diet–Think Before Eating! publications, originally released on Medium.

The Human Centered Thinking

The Human-Centered Thinking (HCT) approach aims to help any type of organizations, entrepreneurs, and intrapreneurs to better understand the humans they are solving problems for and their contexts. HCT is a holistic approach, with various methods coming from different disciplines — for instance: Jobs to be done, UX, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, etc. but also systems thinking.

HCT arises from the necessity to find a common term of all the practices that focus on understanding humans in the context of people creating systems, products, and services to serve other people, whether there is a transactional aspect or not.

Recently, Human-Centered Thinking has been renamed Design & Critical Thinking for coherence purposes.

Human Centered Thinking – Medium
Become better UX, Business and Innovation practitioners by first understanding the humans you are solving problems for.

Brain Diet–Think Before Eating!

This publication was focused in general on critical thinking, rational skepticism, and ethics. However, since the merge, I try to explore those topics more specifically in the design realm and the publication has been closed.

Who are we?

Both Human Centered Thinking Switzerland and Brain Diet–Think Before Eating! are free and independent Swiss-based publications 🇨🇭, launched in 2018 by Kevin Richard.

We try to have a rational skepticism and an epistemological approach.

We believe in the right for free expression, justice, and equity. Therefore, anyone should be able to express their ideas through our articles and through the comments, as soon as they 1) remain respectful; 2) are clearly argued; 3) obviously match the theme of this publication. See our comment guidelines and policy →

Finally, we seek to empower and inspire people around us.

What we are not.

We want to make clear that this website and all associated publications are NOT about anthropocentrism, humanocentrism or any related ideology.

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