A discussion with Samuel Huber.

In this episode, we discuss Planet Centric Design with Samuel Huber, Design Strategist at GoodPatch and who specialised in sustainable design approaches.

Samuel also pursues a Ph.D. in Systemic Management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

We discuss:

  • Who's Samuel Huber?
  • Who said Planet Centric Design?
  • A definition for Planet Centric Design (PCD)
  • The old becomes new again
  • PCD simplifies access to complex topics
  • On labels & the need to reframe our way of working
  • Planet Centric, Circular Design, Systemic Design, etc.
  • Maps, Models, the tree & the forest: the value & limits of reduction
  • Our tools are biased towards humans
  • Resolving contexts gap: how can we practice PCD?
  • The limits & ethics of interpretation
  • Mitigating our bias toward the problem-solution dichotomy
  • Planet Centric Design in practice

Samuel Huber


University of St. Gallen