“Figure out what your product is and what your value chain is. Understand where those things touch important social needs and problems. If you’re in financial services, let’s think about ‘saving’ or ‘buying a home’ — but in a way that actually works for the customer.” — Michael Porter, in Creating Shared Value

Because it always begins somewhere…

A week ago, Human Centered Thinking has been successfully launched! It came out from a long reflection, years of hard work, and so many discussions about the value of practices such as User Experience Design and Design Thinking for businesses, startups and all type of organizations.

We aim to provide yet another point of view: we believe that Business, Design, and Technology –which are today’s pillars of any organizations– should all join forces to do what matters the most: answering people’s pains and enabling people to perform their goals, frictionlessly.

After all, what’s a business without people to interact, buy, and exchange with? What’s the point of building a piece of technology if there are no humans to benefit from it? What’s the purpose of designing a beautiful interface if it’s not usable and useful for users or customers?

In that respect, they should be treated not only separately but furthermore as a whole.

“You Don’t Design Customers, You Understand Them (Or Not) ”— Alexander Osterwalder

Time to sharpen up our Human-Centric skills!

Thank you for reading!  🙌

We believe that Business, Design, and Technology should all join forces to do what matters the most: answering people’s pains. This is where innovation lies!

Thanks for helping us share this message of hope and for supporting us!

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