How to understand & explain complex topics?

How to understand & explain complex topics?

In this episode, we discuss with Massimo Curatella about our need as designers to understand & explain complex topics to enable collaboration while complexity cannot be reduced or simplified by definition.

  • 0:00:00 Intro
  • 0:01:05 Massimo’s self-introduction & topic
  • 0:03:46 Easing the learn/act (thinking/doing) tension
  • 0:05:39 A good designer is also a leader
  • 0:10:25 Making complexity actionable
  • 0:14:38 Sensing & changing a company’s culture
  • 0:22:31 The need for persuasion
  • 0:24:52 Becoming agent of change & collective intelligence
  • 0:29:24 Overcoming the space-for-action barrier through complexity
  • 0:39:15 Leading through uncertainty
  • 0:51:14 The link between critical, systems, and design thinking
  • 0:55:04 Is “metacognition” or “metathinking” undervalued in design?
  • 1:01:15 Conclusion

👉 Massimo Curatella is a Senior Strategic Designer, aiming at improving the well-being of people and the planet while promoting the sustainable adoption of new technologies and co-designing ecosystem-centered solutions.

Find out Massimo's article about our discussion:

Simply Complexity Podcast with Kevin Richard and Massimo Curatella

👉 Kevin Richard is a senior Designer & editor of “Design & Critical Thinking” through which he tries to popularize design and shares his thoughts.

🎶 Music

  • “Skydive” by Loxbeats
  • “Underground Stars” by Loxbeats
  • “Anything” by Soyb & Amine Maxwell
  • “You & I” by Amine Maxwell & Soyb

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