Virtual Chalet session, 4 January 2022

The “virtual chalet” is a recurring informal event (once every 2 weeks) for the Design & Critical Thinking community to take the space & time to discuss, share ideas & experiences, find support, ask questions, etc.

This week we discuss design practice (and practising design) and the misunderstanding around the importance of methods, the importance of context, the trends around Systemic Design and Systems Thinking, the Design Council’s report on systemic design, and many more… 🌟

Happy new year everyone! 🎉

The virtual chalet, a place for serendipitous discussions.

For designers wanting to spread their own virus:

The book “Designing social systems in a changing world” developing the double diagram:

About methods and applicability:

John Mortimer’s work on service design, systems thinking, and the double diamond:

The Design Council report: