Hi, Kevin here.

As you may know, Design & Critical Thinking is now a community slowly growing. Our aim is to build a shared understanding & collective knowledge that crosses over different disciplines, practices, and communities.

To reach that goal, we want to create and engage in discussions that have the potential to cross these boundaries. We need design, development, management, business, product, innovation people to join, share ideas, and participate in discussions.

We have created a small survey to capture discussion topics & ideas.

D&CT Discussion Ideas
Design & Critical Thinking (D&CT) aims at creating shared understanding and collective knowledge at the intersection of Design, Innovation, Business, Tech, Change, Complexity, Ethics, Critical Thinking, etc. In preparation for our next community event, we are looking for topics to be discussed.

We would also need some motivated people to help us prepare and organize these online live discussions.

D&CT's Slack group

Consider joining the community Slack group here 👇

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