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1. What We Publish

Please read the following guidelines before submitting your article.

What we’re interested in

Articles about design, business (innovation, marketing), technology, user-centered (UX, CX) approaches, and specifically synergies between those.

  • Discussions and introduction to specific methods, process, and approaches.
  • Topics related to Improvements in society, How businesses can positively impact society, Ethics and critical thinking in business/design/development.
  • Articles that cite and reference their sources, rely on verifiable information and reliable sources whenever it’s possible.

What we do not publish

  • Case studies that feel like a portfolio piece.
  • Articles purely about visual design.
  • Aggressive call-to-actions throughout and at the bottom of your story.
  • Heavy self-promotion: talking about your business is OK but don’t let it turn your audience off.

2. Submit Your Article

How Does It Work?

Send us an email at with:

  • The link to the article you would like to publish or your draft attached
  • A small description of your article: what is it about? What can we learn from it? etc.
  • Provide your full name to be displayed in the 'written by' section, plus a link to your preferred social media account (i.e. Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

We will then review your submission (can take a few days) following the above criteria. If it passes the review, you will:

  1. Have access to our Medium publication as a writer, so that you can directly submit Medium's articles (no more email needed).
  2. Receive an invitation to our private Slack workplace where you'll be able to discuss & exchange with a (growing) community and propose articles.
  3. Publish your article on our website and/or Medium publication.

In any cases, we will keep you informed on the status of the review.

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