Table of content

  1. Introduction & Leadership style
  2. Example 1 - Leading a product
  3. Example 2 - Community leadership
  4. Example 3 - UX lead
  5. Bonus

Introduction & Leadership Style

Want to know about my leadership style? Here's what I think it is.

In brief:

  • Value trust, open discussions, and collaboration.
  • Stay close to what people do, building shared understanding.
  • Support over control.

Example 1 – Leading a product

In short:

  • Had to take over the lead of new product;
  • Managed dev teams & stakeholders in short development-test-adjust cycles;
  • Fully relied on team members expertise and listened to their remarks, while making decisions on how to orient the product (features, roadmap, etc.).

Example 2 – Community leadership

In short:

  • Developed & lead a fully online, international community;
  • Built a "core team" of diverse people;
  • Lead decisions in a participatory and collaborative setup.

Example 3 – UX lead

In short:

  • Had to onboard a new UX designer on a project;
  • Coached &. supported this person into her role;
  • The person didn't fit the expectations and together with my manager, we had to take the difficult decision to end her contract.

Bonus: Innovation initiative

Why bonus? Well, I thought I would be shorter on this one –obviously not. However, this example brings together my experience, skills, and knowledge in an interesting & challenging way. The context is broad and although I don't have a team under my responsibility, I have the responsibility to bring together various people, align them and advance key aspects of the initiative.

In short:

  • Helped in the innovation initiative for the IT platform
  • Facilitated the co-creation of the long-term vision & strategy
  • Lead some key aspects to support the strategic development based on people's needs, goals, and objectives.

Thanks for watching!

Hope this helps you better understand what I can bring to the company & team 🙏

Looking forward to hearing from you!